Press & Accolades

Wine Weirdos 8/30 Video review of the 2014 Pinot Noir Blanc

Wine Weirdos 8/22 Video review of the 2015 Spirit of Pinot Noir Rosé

Viki Eierdam (The Columbian News) 7/29 Viki & Dan Eierdam visit, tour and taste with Mike and Drenda and recount their experiences in the tasting room, ghost stories, farm history, vineyard tour and more.

Linfield College (Oregon Wine History Archives) 7/20 Rachael Woody, Master Archivist interviews Mike and Drenda Bayliss for this oral history of Bayliss Family Farm, Ghost Hill Cellars and the 110 year history of farming in Willamette Valley

Oregon Wine Press 7/1 OWP includes the 2015 The Spirit of Pinot Noir Rosé in July’s Cellar Selects “In the Pink”.

Erin Lynch (Platings and Pairings) 6/16 Erin and friends visit, tour and taste with Mike and Drenda at Ghost Hill Cellars.

Northwest Wine Night TV 5/18 Our 2014 Pinot Noir Blanc is featured on the Seattle based TV Show and scores the panelists and audience favorite.

Fredric Koeppel (Bigger than your head) 4/2 He describes the 2013 Pinot Noir Blanc as delicate and elegant with bright acidity. Drink Up. Very Good.

Meg Maker (Maker’s Table) 2/15 Meg writes about sustainably made Oregon Pinot Noir and includes the 2013 Pinot Noir Blanc & 2012 Prospector’s Reserve in the article.

Ken Moore (Local Matters TV) 1/26 Ken and Mike discuss the history of the Bayliss Family Farm, talk about farming in Willamette Valley, the Missoula flood, The Ghost on the Hill and much more.

Terry & Kathy Sullivan (Wine Travel Travelers) 12/15 Terry & Kathy visit, tour and taste our wines, and include their experience at Ghost Hill Cellars in the Willamette Valley section of the WTT website.

Mike Landucci (Wine Weirdos) 12/14 Mike Landucci visits and discusses Bayliss-Bower Vineyard with Mike Bayliss on his YouTube Channel.

Jade Helm (Oregon Wine Press) 12/1 Ghost Hill Cellars 2013 Pinot Noir Blanc makes the cover of OWP! Jade does a review of Oregon Pinot Noir Blancs.

Kaithlin Ohlinger (Wine Snob) 11/13 Dundee Kaitlin visits and tastes through the 2011 and 2012 vintage. She captures the history and essence of Ghost Hill.

Great Northwest Wines 10/7 Feature article on the the appointment of Eric Hamacher as winemaker by CEO Eric Degerman.

Barb Randall (Lake Oswego Times) 8/20 Barb and her posse visit Ghost Hill, tour, taste and hear tales of the homestead with Mike Bayliss.

Jeff Kralik (Snooth) 7/15 Jeff discussed the various methods of producing Rose’ wine and includes the 2014 Ghost Hill Cellars The Spirit of Pinot Noir Rosé in his recommendations.

William Pollard (Wild for Washington Wine) 6/23 William provides history and background on Ghost Hill and reviews the 2013 Pinot Noir Blanc.

Blog Talk Radio (Wine Muse Podcast) 6/18 Linda Rez & William Pollard talk with Mike Bayliss about his 2014 Pinot Noir Blanc for their “Best Summer Wines” show. The interview starts at 40:20 minutes.

Wine Scores

Andy Blue, Blue Lifestyle Magazine

  • 2014 Bayliss-Bower: 90 Points; The Blue Lifestyle Seal of Approval
  • 2014 Prospector’s Reserve Pinot Noir: 90 Points

Rusty Gaffney, Pinotfile 

  • 2014 Bayliss-Bower Pinot Noir: 90 Points, and 93 Points to the
  • 2014 Prospector’s Reserve Pinot Noir: 93 Points

Wine Press Northwest Summer 2017

  • 2015 Rose’ of Pinot Noir featured and rated as “Excellent”

Catherine Fallis, The Planet Grape Wine Review

Harvey Steiman, Wine Spectator

  • 2012 Bayliss-Bower Pinot Noir: 94 Points
  • 2012 Prospector’s Reserve Pinot Noir: 92 Points

Paul Gregutt, Wine Enthusiast Magazine:

The Sommelier Company

Michael Chelis, Nittany Epicurean:

Marc Hinton, Enobytes:

Rusty Gaffney, Prince of Pinot

Josh Raynolds, Vinous

  • 2012 Prospectors’ Reserve Pinot Noir: 92 Points
  • 2012 Bayliss-Bower Pinot Noir: 90 Points

Anthony Dias Blue, Tasting Panel Magazine

Wine Weirdos