Eric Hamacher has become one of Oregon’s most respected and sought-after wine producers.  After earning a degree in viticulture and enology at UC Davis, Hamacher gained extensive winemaking knowledge and to date, has worked more than 26 vintages at numerous wineries around the world. After producing wine for esteemed wineries such as Mondavi and Chalone and Etude, he realized his heart was in Oregon.  He found his way to the Northwest in pursuit of creating the perfect Pinot Noir.  Hamacher takes a very traditional approach to wine production.  He believes in traditional minimalist intervention, using wild fermentation yeasts, and gravity blending and bottling. “My attempt is to sculpt consistently complete wines through close management of the vineyards and careful blending at the winery. I believe the best wines are still made by resisting the temptation to do something. Good grapes with gentle and minimal handling describe my winemaking philosophy.”