In the 1850s, prospectors discovered gold in the southern region of the Oregon Territory. From the moment gold was struck, the Oregon Territory was inundated with miners seeking their fortune. During this time, a gold prospector whose identity has been lost to history, was traveling from the goldfields of Southern Oregon to Portland to sell his gold and make his fortune.  He made the fateful decision to stop for the night and set up camp at the top of what is currently the Bayliss farm, the place we now known as Ghost Hill.  At the time, the hill as well as most of the surrounding land, was heavily wooded making it an ideal place to camp in peace.  During the night, someone snuck into his camp to rob him of his gold. The miner was killed, his horse mortally injured, and his hard-earned poke of gold disappeared into the night. To this day, the miner is said to wander the hill looking for his stolen gold and to right the wrongs that befell him that night.

While the miner never recovered his treasure, we have found  gold with our Pinot Noirs.